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Saturday Roundup

Dallas definitely came ready to play last ngiht and with something to prove

"I never been beat that bad in my whole basketball career," Josh Howard said. "We didn't want that to happen again. To come back like this is pretty good." .

Hopefully that source of motivation can last for more than one game.

"Our guys were ready to play," Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said. "The Milwaukee game hurt our pride collectively and we wanted to get back out. We played one of our better games."


Rick Carlisle had praise for Bass after the game.

"He did a great job defensively," coach Rick Carlisle said of Bass. "The points aren't as big an issue with me as how he's doing defensively. He's really come a long way with his understanding of what we're doing.

"He did a great job around the boards, and a lot of times, he was overmatched size-wise. That shows he was really working."


Mike Fisher has a bunch of observations from the game.  He really liked the game J5 played.

This time, J-Ho didn't take the first shot of the game; he took the fourth.

This time, Josh's early offense wasn't the result of step-back jumpers; three of his four first-quarter makes were layups or dunks.

This time, there was a sort of deference from Robin to Batman, as Josh shot 15 times (making eight) while Dirk Nowitzki shot 20 times (making 16).