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Monday Stuff

So anyone think that was a succesful road trip?  I guess 2-2 is what was really expected, but Dallas was completely embarassed twice and were outscored in the four game combined by 34 points -- despite beating Detroit by 21.

Dirk is calling it a bad game.

"I don't think they're 40 points better than us," said Dirk Nowitzki. "We have to chalk this one up to a bad game. But that's this league - you win some big games, and you have some disappointing losses."

Sefko also says that Dallas looked content to come home 2-2.  Hey, maybe they read your article yesterday that said even if they lost to Boston the trip was already a success!


Mike Fisher  has his notes on the game.

WHO DIDN'T SHOW: It's a long list. Dirk was 4-of-17 shooting and almost broke his ankles trying to guard Garnett. Kidd is still trying to catch up with Rondo. Starting 2-guard Wright was invisible. Josh, Bass and JJB has a few numbers but they were empty. The mop-up unit didn't mop up.

Does that about do it?


Hubbard has a story on the Mavs techincal fouls yesterday, noting that Dirk is going to pay for Mario Elie's and that Singleton actually had $1,500 in cash on hand after the game to pay for his...


Sefko says Dallas doesn't play 'team defense' like Boston does.  To be fair, nobody in the NBA plays defense as well as Boston, and Dallas doesn't play defense at all.  So it's not a fair comparison.