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OK, I'm home at lunch today, turn on the TV, and having left it on ESPN last night 1st an 10 is on.  I've never watched that show before because there are about a million other things I'd rather do than listen to Skip Bayless and Jemele Hill talk about anything, but they were discussing whether or not LeBron traveled in the final play of their loss to Washington yesterday.  And it wasn't just 1st and 10, this is apparently a topic of conversation today.  I have no idea why.  It's obvious he traveled.  Only LeBron's teammates and the blindest of Cavs fans seem to be saying that "when LeBron takes three steps it's not traveling, it's awesome."  Yet because it was called against 'King James' it's a 'hot topic'.

It's a sad statement, but not a surprising one, on the state of NBA officiating when obvious correct calls are still debated just because whom they were called on.