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Oh. My. God.

Yeah, the last 60 seconds were exciting.  I jumped off the couch after the Kidd steal and Terry layup.  And I don't care.  I'm pissed.

Even ignoring that this came after a 20 point loss to Memphis, this game was poised to be the low point of the Mavs season.  They say every game is hard in the NBA.  And I know what it means -- every team has really good basketball players on it.  But this wasn't just an NBA team, it's a bad NBA team.  And tonight it was half of a bad NBA team.

The fact that Dallas not only didn't win by 20, but almost freaking lost is a joke.  We just witnessed one of the most pathetic wins any team will have all season.  But hey, what do you expect when you "don't play defense" [-Jason Kidd] and are a jump shooting team who isn't "going to shoot a high percentage" [-Jason Terry].