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Morning Roundup

Sefko recaps the game and compares the Mavs to the Cowboys -- and not it in a good way.

About three months ago, another Dallas team was beating lame teams by slim margins and claiming all was right with the world.


Terry made it pretty clear with his postgame quotes that they know last night was not cool.

"But no, we didn't play well, didn't play well at all, can't sugarcoat it. It's just we've had two bad games in a row. We're fortunate to get away with a win, but it is what it is."


If I had felt like doing a 'notes and quotes' post last night, I definitely would have mentioned that I think Antoine Wright deserves to start tomorrow against New York.  Carlisle is still saying he wants someone to fill that starting spot permanently.

...the job description for the starting two-guard spot is simple.

"Basically to play six to eight minutes at the beginning of each half," Carlisle said, "and play solid, and bring something to the table that can help us be a real solid unit during that stretch."


Jerry Stackhouse.  He's still on the team, just wanted to remind everyone because I had kind of forgotten.


Jim Reeves has an article this morning which I find so annoying that I don't even want to link to it, but here it is anyway.  He basically says it's time to trade Josh Howard.  He points to Howard being inconsistent as the reason, but mentions his off the court stuff and dislike of the media as often as anything else.

Now, he sees a guy coming with a notebook or a tape recorder, he scuttles out of the room like a bashful cockroach.

Then again, guess I shouldn't use any form of the word "roach" when talking about Josh.

He ends the article by calling Howard the "most important player on the team", which he not only doesn't back up but also seems to contradict his point entirely...