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Mavs Moneyball 2009 Blog Off

As many of you may remember last week we here at Mavs Moneyball started a competition to find another writer for the staff.

Starting Wednesday I will begin posting articles written by our applicants. The way the competition is going to work is I have sent out a topic to each applicant to write about. Those that applied will write their post and send it to me for posting. Each post will contain a poll, for you the readers of Mavs Moneyball to rate that applicant. After all the posts are up and have been rated the top 3 will move on to the final vote to see who will become the next writer for the site.

I know you all will, but I am going to say it anyway, take your vote serious and treat them just as if they were Wes or I.

I would also like to welcome our man Wes Cox back to the site, I am sure he is glad to be back, as are all of us to have him back.