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Opening Day Roundup has a full practice report.
Josh Howard (ankle) took part is some "limited contact’’ practice on Monday but is nevertheless not at all close to playing on Tuesday or any time this week. Meanwhile, Tim Thomas (knee) participated in some limited shooting drills and is also out for Tuesday. Shawn Marion (calf) is fully ready to go.

Fisher peppered Marion with questions in an effort to get the opening night starting lineup.
So, if Marion is correct, Dallas’ starting lineup will be Kidd (guarding Arenas), Ross, Dirk, Damp and Marion (on Butler).

Gina Miller writes on the Mavs team chemistry, which is already so well established that they are finishing each others sentences.
"We have the best chemistry I’ve had since I’ve been here," Jason Terry said the day before the season opener against the Wizards. "We’re a family here on and off the court," added Shawn Marion.... "We have the best chemistry I’ve had since I’ve been here," concluded head coach Rick Carlisle.

Coach Carlisle with a Marion injury update.
"He's going to be a guy who is going to play well in just about any situation and we feel like we've hopefully dodged the bullet with the calf situation now," Carlisle said. "His health situation is something that has been tenuous. We've been worried about it. But he's looked good the last three or four days."

Kevin Sherrington reiterates that Dallas is more talented than last season.
Fortunately for Carlisle, he has more and better options this season with a starter down. The Mavs' bench is bigger, more athletic and can shoot it better, too. Did I mention that Devean George started 16 games last season?

Sefko writes that Dallas is hoping to take some of the scoring load off of Dirk.
"Just look at the numbers of the guys we acquired," coach Rick Carlisle said. "Those guys are all double-figure scorers. I don't know that they'll be double-figure scorers here. But Marion will be. Josh will be. Jet will be. Dirk will be. "It's become a strength-in-numbers league in terms of scoring balance. You got to have five or six guys who have consistent ability to score, even if they don't average double-figures."

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