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New Blogger, Brown

And that's me...

As you may have seen below in his introductory, my buddy, Big and I were asked to contribute some stuff to MavsMoneyBall this season.  I was floored by this request and can say that I can only hope we can keep pace with Wes and Phillip. 

A little on me.  

I'm a late 20's Dallas-ite who was also raised in a small town near Austin.  I'm pretty much a sports junky, difference being, I'm what one might call a "feel player".   I don't pay too much attention (less than I should) to stat lines or "textbook strategies", so you'll never see me crying foul at someone calling a zone-2 defense when they should have called zone-3, yadda yadda yadda.    I go by what I see, and I'd like to think my reactions and predictions are based simply in fan-dom, aka. the guy who's sitting on his couch watching the Mavs game while getting some work done. 

I'm the half-empty glass to Big's half-full, so I usually play devil's advocate in discussions and pretty much tell him that everyone sucks. I'm looking forward to you guys telling me that I suck and that I'm wrong by dropping in stats and figures that you looked up on ESPN. 

Love you like I love warm blankets.