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Mavs Moneyball Blog off

Here is Sprite and his profile of Tim Thomas

Tim "straight up thuggin" Thomas

Thomas and the Mavericks have a history that goes back to the glorious year of 2006. That was the year the NBA decided against playing an NBA championship for some reason… Don’t know why. Anyways, Thomas is well remembered for his actions during the 2006 WCF. That year the Mavs/Suns played in the WCF and during game 5, Thomas couldn’t help himself and decided to go public with his man love for Dirk and blew him a kiss. Of course, Dirk was confused. He didn’t know how to react. Should he acknowledge him by giving him an ass out hug? Give him the knowing nod? Ignore it? After much deliberation, he decided dropping 50 points was the way to go, and did just that.

If Thomas has one thing he can bring to this team, it’s threes. That’s it.

Some weaknesses of Thomas, other than the general big bag of suck he brings…

Despite his 6’10 frame, he averaged an outstanding 2 rebounds a game last year! Awesome. He fronts too much-he acts tough, but plays very soft. (Should I be PC? Nah.) Basically, he’s a black guy that plays white. He’ not interested in defense and likes to jack up threes every chance he gets. In other words, the Mavericks and Thomas are a match made in heaven!

Thomas is going to contribute very little to this current squad. He’s the 11th man. If you’re counting on your 11th man to play big minutes, things have gone horribly wrong.