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Wednesday Morning Roundup

Mavs Get Off Their Big Fat Ballots For A Comeback/Blowout Of The Rockets |
headlined by offense but fueled by the work at the other end of the AAC floor, a 121-103 Mavs victory that establishes the difference between the Southwest Division-rival Mavs and Rockets: Houston's roster is made up of hard-working refugees from the Island of Misfit Basketball Toys. Dallas' roster really is star-powered and if the Mavs will simply match the other team's effort, they can elimnate the 17-point-deficits and start stockpiling 18-point victories.

Pace about to pick up for Dallas Mavericks | DMN
Coach Rick Carlisle has a broader sense of how tough the Southwest is. "This has been, the last two or three years, probably the most competitive division in all of sports, and I still see it that way," Carlisle says. "Every win you can get is huge for overall record, for tiebreakers down the road and everything else. They're all going to be [gut-wrenching] games."

Duncan, Parker doubtful vs. Mavs | San Antonio Express News
It appears likely the Spurs will face the Dallas Mavericks at the AT&T Center tonight without All-Stars Tim Duncan and Tony Parker. Neither player participated in the Spurs' light Tuesday afternoon practice session and were officially listed as doubtful for tonight's game. Both are nursing left ankle injuries suffered in last Thursday's game against the Utah Jazz in Salt Lake City.

Jason Terry's All-Star Aspirations | DMN
It might be a long shot for a sixth man to make it to the game to be played Valentine's Day at Cowboys Stadium, but Terry plans on being there no matter what. "This is going to be special," Terry said as the ballot was unveiled. "I'll announce the team. I'll put on Champ's uniform [Mavs' mascot]. Whatever I have to do, but I will be in attendance participating."