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Time To Take Off The Handcuffs

Normally I do not second guess people that know more about a subject than I, but in this particular case I must. Rick Carlisle has at least made the determination that Roddy B should be the starter at the two spot (for now at least) but what is becoming so troublesome is that he refuses to give him starters minutes.

Minutes distribution has been ... well hideous when it comes to Roddy B, let's take last night for example. Going into the game with the Bucks, the main objective was to keep Brandon Jennings under wraps. Roddy B met that challenge head on and was winning the battle for 3 quarters, holding Jennings to just 12 points. Then for no apparent reason Carlisle went with Barea for a long stretch in the 4th and guess what? You got it, Jennings went off for 13 in the 4th to rally the Bucks and push the game into overtime.

Anyone who has watched a Mavs game this season can attest to how stagnant the Mavs become when Barea spends a significant amount of time on the floor. Yes he has had a few games where everything was going perfectly and he looked like an all star, but those times are few and far between. So what is the deal? Is Barea getting more minutes and opportunity because he has been here longer? Whatever the circumstances are, they need to change, and they need to change quickly. Rodrigue Beaubois is proving to be a special kind of player, and it is time to get the kid more minutes.


Do these stats tell you that Barea should have a 47% minutes share?