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Tuesday 11/17 Roundup

Dirk Makes The One-Legged Euro Lean-Back And Says, 'I'm Proud Of This Team' |
"That's my most comfortable spot on the floor," said Dirk, who received Kidd's inbounds pass with 3.1 seconds left in overtime with his back to the basket at the top of the key. "I am able to operate there pretty good." Everybody knows the spin is coming. ... But nobody can stop it. The UberMan did spin (to his left; that's another thing he and Jennings have in common) and The One-Legged Euro Lean-Back was released with 1.3 seconds left. It took that much time for it to finally find the net. ... but when it did, Dirk had scored 32 and had bettered Jennings...

Behind the Box Score, where the Hawks are rolling | Ball Don't Lie - Kelly Dwyer
Dallas, an older team on the second half of a back-to-back, walked into Milwaukee and put up 115 points per 100 possessions. This is on the Mavs. This was a decisive performance that, even if it ended with the Mavericks taking the loss, tells us that we can't bank on the "Dallas' core is on the other side of 30, and they played last night" warning shot. This isn't to say the team won't drag during some four-game-in-five-night endeavor before the All-Star break — every team does — but we do know for sure that these Mavericks have the mettle to work through those tired legs.

Scatterhooping: Mavs 115, Bucks 113 (OT) | ESPN Dallas - Jeff Wade
This was a great last 48 hours for Drew Gooden. He was lively early, and his clutch tip-in to tie it up late gives Dirk a chance to win it at the end. So long as that energy and effort is there, I suppose I can live with some of that shot selection that gives me an ice cream headache -- and I'm having that thought on a night when Gooden goes 9-13 from the floor.

Beaubois wins battle with ROY frontrunner | ESPN Dallas - Tim MacMahon
There's been a lot of talk about all the teams that should regret letting Jennings fall to the 10th pick in the draft. Folks will soon start buzzing about how big of a steal Beaubois was 15 spots later.

Marion Update | DMN
When he came out near the end of the first quarter, he got the ankle re-taped, but then wrapped up a heating pad on it to keep it warm, then re-entered the game with 6:03 to go in the second quarter. Moments later, he exited the game for good and was limping noticeably after the game. "It happened on the first play, and that thing hurt," Marion said. "I tried to keep going, but after I came out, it just got worse." Marion said he expects to be day-to-day for Wednesday's game against San Antonio.

Tim Cowlishaw Blog | DMN
It's only 10 games or so for most teams so things are going to change dramatically for some. But for the Mavericks, there's a lot to like about this start and plenty of reason to believe they can win the division and be a top 3 seed in April.

Dallas Basketball - Mavs Donuts: Coming Home With 3 Road Wins
The Mavs are taking the day off today. The Spurs are already in town (and having a shootaround this morning). But after a B-2-B, two wins, an overtime experience, a Marion ankle injury, Damp going to the hospital and just the sixth win ever for this frachise in Milwaukee? Yes.The Mavs are taking the day off today.

Reunion roof will come down quietly this week | DMN
The roof of Reunion Arena will be brought down in a "controlled drop" beginning today. No explosives, no detonation.... The city says the project is on track to meet the goal of recycling 75 percent of the materials during demolition. Completion of the entire project, which includes leveling the site and making it a grassy field, is expected by March.