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Wednesday Morning Roundup

Lob from Kidd to Beaubois not just passing fancy for Dallas Mavericks | DMN
"We call it after a timeout or at the start of a quarter," Beaubois said. "We don't have to say anything." .... it's hard to stop because of Dirk Nowitzki. He's the pick-setter at the top of the key after Beaubois gives the ball to Kidd and starts his circuitous route to the far side of the basket, where he takes off after Kidd has released the lob pass. "All you have to do is have somebody who can throw a decent pass," Kidd says Defenses do not leave Nowitzki when he sets a pick. That frees Beaubois for a clear run at the weak side of the basket. "All you have to do is have somebody who can throw a decent pass," Kidd says. - Mavs Donuts: Kidd Tells, 'We Took A Character Test -- And We Passed It!'
"That's not always how it works in this league. It's human nature. You've won a couple of games, you're on the road, suddenly the other team comes back -- and Milwaukee is legitimately a pretty good team -- you can tend to fold it up there. We didn't fold. We didn't give in. "That road trip was a gut check," Kidd added. "It was a character test, those last three games. And we passed the test."

Marion (ankle) likely game-time call vs. Spurs - ESPN Dallas
The Dallas Mavericks are listing Shawn Marion as day-to-day after the ankle injury he suffered Monday night in Milwaukee, likely making his status for Wednesday's home rematch with San Antonio a game-time decision. But I'm also hearing that Tim Thomas is getting close to making his Mavericks debut

After defending Durant, Spurs' Hill wants Nowitzki | San Antonio Express News
“If the opportunity is there to guard Dirk, I'm going to welcome it with open arms,” Hill said. “I like the challenge. I like to defend.” Hill's dream matchup is probably not going to happen. Though the 6-foot-2 Hill has demonstrated considerable ability to defend players taller than he is, the 7-foot Nowitzki is probably a little out of his range.