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Ballin' with Big

Why hello again, money ballers, Its time, its time, its Vader time to ball.  I'm once again going to take you through the crazyness that is the Mav's Mavs season thus far, in my own crazy, monkey brain. 

Since we last talked

It's been a little over a week since we last talked, and oh so much has happened.  I watched as my roommate (a loyal Spurs fan) did the happy dance when the depleted spurs defeated the Mavs, and the Roddy B hype machine start rolling.


ohh and Dirk is still the UberMan.  Follow me to freedom after the jump.

So the Mavs are now 8-3, 5-1 since we last talked, with wins against Toronto, Houston, @Minnesota, @Detroit, and @Milwaukee(OT), and the lone loss was @San Antonio. 

Three of those wins have been via blowouts (Tor, Hou, @Minn), and i'll take a 8-3 start without a doubt. 

Howard came back, then left again, hope this isn't the start of trend. 

Fun With Box Scores. 

Toronto 129-101 Win

Always going to be a good game when you can keep every player on the other team in the minus, although it was a bit disheartening that the post players for Toronto (Bosh26, Bargnani22, Johnson4, O'Bryant4) combined for 56pts

Two guys, James Singleton and J.J. Barea, showed some good stuff this game.  JJ played 24 min, and recorded 12 assists and a great +18, and Singleton played 18 min, had 10pts, and was also +18. 


Houston 121-103Win

Big news with this game was the "comeback.'"  Its a nice thing to know that this Mavs team, much like the ones of years past, can and will at times look like the best offensive team in the association.  This game saw the Mavs shoot 55% from the field, and 58% from 3.  Dirk was dope, 23pts, 6-15 shooting, 10-10 from the line, a rousing +26.

Of course it helps when one of their best "glue guys," Shane Battier has a stat line like this: 3pts, 1-8fg(1-6three), 3ast, 1stl, -24.  Way to go buddy.

@San Antonio

You know what this game was like?  You know when your out drinking, you find some girl who may be a little drunk, not like rape wasted, but drunk enough to fall for your game, you take her home, get her in your bed and reenact that scene from Devils Advocate that is going on behind Al Pachino on the moving wall near the end of movie.  Good times right? 

Now in the morning you get said girls number.  You call her in the next few days, set up a nice date, thinking almost nothing more than how that night be just like the other night.  During the dinner you order some drinks, have some decent conversation, all the while not really giving your all, because come on, you've already seen this girl give you the angry dolphin.  You then take her back to her place, walk her up to the door, thinking you'll just get to waltz right in and do the nasty, only to have her stop at the door, give you a quick kiss and say the doomed words "good night." 

In a heated panic, you try and lay something smooth on her to convince her the date shouldn't end there, but it's too late, she is already inside and in her PJ's before you can even attempt a comeback.

All night long you were thinking, "this is great, she has nothing to hide or tease me with because I've already got her done, this will be a breeze," when in fact, she is still a girl, and just because she let you hit it once, doesn't mean you don't have to put in the work to hit it again. 

That's what I feel happened to the Mavs during this Spurs game.  They saw "ohh we beat an almost full strength Spurs team in the playoffs last year, (I know Manu was out, but his nose is big), now Timmy and Parker are out?  Church."  To the disappointment of all Mavs fans, the Spurs are still full of NBA talent even without Duncan and Parker, and you have to put in work to have sex with them beat them.

Best +/- of the night for the Mavs?  Dirk and Quinton Ross.  Ross in 19 min had 3pts, 3 reb, and a +4.  Lets hope he plays some tonight. 

@Minnesota 89-77win

Once again the Mavs won with D.  I think i've said that more this year already than I did all of last.  They held Minn to 32% shooting, and the only player on the Timberwolves that I liked was rookie Jonny Flynn, but i'm biased. 

Shawn Marion had the kind of night that all us Mavs fans would love to see more of.  30 min 15pts 4ast 3reb +19.  Only starter to go negative, the Hype man, Roddy B.  15min, 1ast 3TO's 9pts -6.

@Detroit 95-90 Win

Not going to say we stole this one, but when a team shoots better than you, and out rebounds you, and a guy named Rodney Stuckey hangs 28 on you, you're probably going to lose.  Not the case here, in most part to holding the Pistons best player, Ben Gordon, to 1-16 and only 5pts in 41min. 

To make up for (and maybe start) the Hype Machine, Roddy B (we need a good nickname for the kid, I'm thinking BeuBOSS, but i'm just a caveman) gave us a hell of a game, 19min, 6-6 from the floor, 4ast, 14pts, +13.  Nice line kid. 

@Milwaukee 115-113 OT

We shot better (51% to 44%) out rebounded (48 to 33), yet it still took the Dirk to hit a game winner in overtime.  Would you believe that was the first loss the Bucks had on their own floor? 

Brandon Jennings is legit, the Rookie had 25pts, 7reb, 8ast.  and only 2 turn overs.  Surprisingly the only starter for the Bucs to go positive though was Luc Mbah a Moute (42 min, 13pts, 6rebs +7). 

Outside of the 4th quarter against Utah, this may have been Dirks best game, going 43min, 12-25 for 32 points, 11reb, 3ast, 2stl, and a very salty +13. 


New Mav, hows he doing so far - Shawn Marion

The Matrix was the big pickup in the off season, and we all expect some big things from him this year.  Its true that his athleticism can't really be measured in box scores, but in how he helps the team get W's.  But, here is his line so far this season in a per game look.

32min 49%FG, 0-2 on three's, 15-19 free throw (that 1.4/1.7 per game), 1.8 steals, .08blocks, 6.5 rebounds (2.7 offensive), 1.5 assists, 12.6 points. 

My take.  I've really enjoyed watching him just be in the game so far this season.  He really just adds a bit of hustle and explosion to this offense that we really haven't seen in quite some time.  Would i like him do a bit more?  Yes.  0-2 on three's really surprises me.  I remember him just jacking up that girly shooting motion much much more when he was in Phoneix, but that was a different system I know.  I would also like to see him get to the line more than less than twice a game, but all in all, with the ol' eyeball test, I like it.


Statie McStatstat

So the Mavs have lost 3 times so far, 2 of them have been the latter half of back to backs.  So far the Mavs have had 4 back to back set of games, LAL(win 94-80)LAC(win 93-84), Utah(Win96-85)@NOLA(Loss 107-114)
Houston(win121-103)@SanAnton(L 89-92), @Det(win 95-90)@Milwaukee(W115-113).

So the two losses that we have had (after the debacle of opening night), came after games where we had to really pour it on in the second half to win, Utah and Houston, and both also were on the road. 

Something to think about. 


Crazy ass trade thoughts

Today in CATT we take a look at a guy who is probably already on the trading block as we speak.  Elton Brand

Stats and such

30 years, 6-9 PF Duke, 653Total Games 47 last 3.
ruptured left Achilles tendon in 07, all year, part of next
14.8mill 4years,
27min 9.8pts 5.3reb .6blk

Last year, 29games 13.8ppg 8.8reb 6FTA 2blks

Why they would want to trade him.  Well, he's older, busted, and not doing what they thought he could do so far this year, and with him tying up 14.8 mill over the next 4 years, they may be thinking of selling while they still can. 

Why we would want him.  He has a chance to be the 20-10 low post guy that we haven't ever had here in Dallas.  His skill set, if he can recover from his foot explosion, is much better than what we are getting from Damp, even on a good night. 

Why we wouldn't want him.  Until he proves otherwise, he's old a busted, like Fran Dresser, yea you were once hot so put up with your laugh, now you make me want to kick you in the taco.  And to boot, he has 4 more years left on his contract.  If he didn't bounce back, he would become the next Damp.  Old and Busted. 

Best trade for both teams.  Brand for Damp (12mill) and S. Williams (2.4 mill) .  We would get the guy we want, Philly would be able to cut their payroll to the tune of 14 or so mill next year. 

Crazy Fire Ants Pants Trade:

Brand, Andre Iguodala for Dampier, Howard, Shawn Williams.  This trade was at least being talked about last year, but for reason didn't get done.  Iggie would be a much better fit for this offense than J-Ho, with the idea that he still likes to go to the rim, and he can create his own shot much better than Howard, and don't tell me jacking up contested 3 pointers is "creating your own shots."  This trade won't happen, but again, that's why its the Fire Ants Pants trade. 

Around the Association  (wrote this yesterday, so its only valid up to 11-17)

Dallas 8-3
Houston 6-4(1.5)
San Antonio 4-4(2.5)
NOLA 3-8 (5)
Memphis 2-8 (5.5)

Dallas 2nd West, 1 game back of Phoenix.

Phoenix, Atlanta 9-2 best in league

New Jersey 0-10, worst

Home Records : Atlanta, Phoenix, Denver undefeated at home
Road Records : Miami 2-0,
Points For Golden State 111 (3-6), Phoenix 110, Toronto Atlanta 107.
Points For Low New Jersey 84, Chicago 5-4 89,

Points Per Game

Kobe 30.1PPG, Carmelo 29.7 Wade 29.7 Durant 28.1 Dirk 7th 26.3

Rebounds per game

Noah 12.2 Bosh 11.6 Geralrd Wallace 11.5 Marc Gason 11.4

Assists per game

Steve Nash 11.5 Deron Williams 9.9 Chris Paul 9.2 Kidd 9.0

Favorite Mav Quote of the week.

"I thought it was going straight in. The bounce was obviously lucky," said Nowitzki, "When it bounced up, it seemed like it was up there forever. We got a lucky bounce and we definitely needed it."

How much better is that answer than "I knew that if I believed in my team mates, I couldn't let them down, so I knew that shot was going to fall.  I knew it." 

Till Next time,