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Dirk Leads Mavs Past Spurs in OT

We still haven't been able to see both of these teams face each other at full strength yet with Tony Parker, Erick Dampier, Shawn Marion, Josh Howard all out, and Manu leaving early with a groin injury. With all of these pieces missing we weren't going to see a exciting game tonight were we? I noticed George Hill said he was ready for the challenge to guard Dirk. Lucky for him, he wasn't given the assignment! Let's get to the Dirk heavy quick hits from tonight's game, and make sure and leave your thoughts from tonight in the comments.

  • This Dirk guy may be able to make a living in this league. Seriously, he is unbelievable. Local sports talk host on 1310 The Ticket, Bob Sturm, has been reiterating this lately and I am completely on board: Dirk is amazing and Mavs fans who get to watch him night in and night out should be PRIVILEGED to cheer for him. He is a 1st ballot Hall of Famer and one of the best and unique players this league has ever seen. I am proud to be a fan of Dirk Nowitzki, and if any national media member or moron fan of another team doesn't realize Dirk's greatness, then they do not know basketball.
  • What is all of this talk about the Mavs window closing? Doesn't that go hand in hand with Dirk's window? Call me crazy, but I don't see Dirk slowing down anytime soon.
  • Maybe I should be happy we went to the JET Cropduster at the end of regulation. That bonehead move allowed all of us to witness more of Dirk's greatness. But what were the Mavs doing? He was 3-15 before that "shot." Wouldn't we rather Dirk take a heavily contested shot than just about anyone else on our team take a wide open shot? Run the game-ending plays for Dirk!
  • We all keep talking in the game threads about a Mavs player to bag on. We went through Barea, Gooden, Tim Thomas, but I think we settled on Jason Terry. We know he can take over a game offensively. We aren't stupid. But in crunch time, I don't trust him to play defense, I don't trust him to make free throws, and I'd rather have Dirk taking the big shots. I say all of this knowing that the Cropduster will stick it to me soon and be the JET very soon (I hope!).
  • Were the two biggest plays Dirk made all night his defensive stops against Duncan in overtime? Nowitzki played tough vs. Duncan (unlike Humphries at the end of regulation) and stopped him twice in the extra session. Yes, the offensive plays Dirk made were more exhilarating, but when will Dirk get any credit for his defense?Dirk could do no wrong tonight.
  • Since Devean George is gone, everyone is looking for a new punching bag as I already mentioned. I have suggested Jason Terry, though many of you have jumped on Drew Gooden. Well, he is doing his best to make you continue to look. Three double-doubles in a row for the former bunnytailer. I love the way he is playing right now. I saw him take one shot I didn't like tonight. Every other time he had the ball he attacked the basket. When Damp comes back, the Dallas Mavericks actually have some depth at the 5! Mavs just need to remember to make sure and turn off the rim mics when he brings his foul mouth nearby.
  • Tim Thomas played! OK, maybe I shouldn't be that excited. All I can remember from him is a missed dunk.
  • What was Popovich doing in the 4th quarter leaving Malik Hairston in the game for so long? Did he forget that the Spurs signed Richard Jefferson in the off-season? That is the only explanation I can think of.
  • Dirk just said "pissed" on the post game. He wasn't happy with himself at halftime. Can you say pissed on TV?
  • Roddy Beaubois was a force early again, and we didnt see him late... again. Carlisle obviously still trusts Barea more in the 4th, and I cant argue with the results tonight. JJ finished the game with a +/- of +14, only behind the +15 of Kris Humphries.I'm still angry I wasn't able to win that Roddy jersey on TXA 21 tonight! They both can thank Dirk a bit for alot of that +.
  • Tim Duncan lead the Spurs in points, rebounds, assists and blocks. When will he go away?
  • Anyone else bummed that Humphries dunk attempt didn't go down over Duncan? Would have loved to make that the background on my computer.
  • Devin Harris is 0-12.

That is all for me tonight. I really do want people other than Mavs fans to realize the greatness of Dirk Nowitzki. I don't want to hear how this guy isn't clutch. I don't want to hear why this guy is soft. That is all bull! For those of us who are devoted to this team and are lucky enough to watch them most nights... we know how great Dirk is.  With a week to go until Thanksgiving, let us all be thankful that Dirk is on the Dallas Mavericks. And of course, the Spurs could dress the coyote, and it would still feel great to beat them. GO MAVS!