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Monday Morning Roundup's Morning Donuts
The Mavs are winning without shooting well. When was the last time that happened to coach Rick Carlisle's bunch? Never. The Mavs are shooting 40.9 percent this year (that's awful) and are ranked 25th in that department in the NBA. Dirk's six points below his career average, Jet hasn't yet found his range, J-Ho isn't playing yet but the Mavs are 2-1 despite all of it.

Even with LA-LA sweep, Dallas Mavericks have 'a long way to go' | Eddie Sefko
Thanks to LA, they have a running start on upping their road performance over the last two seasons, when they failed to play .500 ball away from home. The wins over the Lakers and Clippers not only revitalized the Mavericks, they proved that their defense can be pretty good for long stretches. The Mavericks put up some gaudy numbers in the two games and all of them were on defense. The two foes averaged just 82 points and shot a combined 41 percent.

Dallas Mavericks get second wind, second straight win in LA | Eddie Sefko
"We knew that the win against the Lakers doesn't mean anything if you turn around and lose the next day," said Dirk Nowitzki. "I think the best thing is that we didn't shoot the ball well. If you still find a way to win, that's what good teams do. "We got like 10 stops in a row, which was pretty impressive. It was definitely a good trip for us."

Shawn Marion Q&A -
ID: What do you have in your refrigerator right now? SM: Well, let's see...Gatorade, Water, Cranberry Juice, some leftover lasagna my mother made, and some really old grapes. In the freezer I have some ice cream. There is always some ice cream in there. Oh, and there are some Hot Pockets in there too.

Who is Quinton Ross? | TrueHoop
How does a guy with a career scoring average of 4.4 points per game and who has never made more than $900,000 per season crack the lineup of a 50-win team? "He's a really good system player," Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle said. "He knows his game, knows his strengths and plays to them."