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The Sunday Roundup

Mavs need the 3 for their long-range plans | Eddie Sefko - DMN
The Mavericks are winning games, which is masking any problems that might be hiding under the surface. But 3-point shooting has to be a weapon for them. If they don't perk up from their .349 percentage thus far, it's going to put a strain on other parts of their offense.

Dallas Mavericks' Humphries wearing his Sunday best | Eddie Sefko - DMN
"He's done a much better job the last seven or eight games engaging himself immediately when he comes into the game and playing with full physical force," Carlisle said. "That means sprinting the floor and putting his body on people and pursuing the ball. The first four or five games, there were times when he was a little slow to get cranked up into games, and he's done a really good job of correcting that."

Humphries has proven he can help Mavs | Tim MacMahon - ESPNDallas
"I’ve got to prove myself," Humphries said after his 15-point, five-rebound outing in Friday night’s win over the Sacramento Kings. "I don’t think anyone expected me to come into this team and contribute. For me, from day one, I’ve had to prove that I can contribute to a winning team." He has definitely done that during the Mavs’ current five-game winning streak... Humphries has averaged 7.6 points and 5.4 rebounds during the streak

Donuts: Carlisle Dresses Mavs In Sunday |
His name is Roddy Beaubois and he is a rookie and he barely speaks English and the Mavs really did at one time plan for him to maybe go down to the D-League and get a cup o' coffee and some actual playing time ... because he wasn't going to be good enough just yet to ean any playing time in the bigs, right? Wrong. And here's part of the logic, too: Which place is Roddy going to learn more about being an NBA point guard: a) Playing every weekend against the Albuquerque Yuck Monkeys or b) practicing every day at the AAC against Jason Kidd?

So Far, Dirk is the MVP | Bethlehem Shoals - Sporting News
No one doubted that Dirk was one of the league's best, or that the Mavs could potentially be a factor in the West. But he's elevated them from intriguing to legit and asserted that a player who can make his presence felt league-wide, not just a perennial all-star.

Injury Update | Eddie Sefko - DMN
"Just a couple more days and I should be good," Marion said. "It still hurts more in the shoe. I feel fine barefoot." Carlisle said Erick Dampier's future should become clearer soon. "I think we'll know sometime next week where things are at," he said. "I know there's still some testing being done."