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Mavs Lose at Home to Six Warriors: Rick Carlisle Postgame Quotes

Well, we worked so hart to get up nine with about six minutes to go, and then they came back, I believe after we scored, and hit a quick three -- got the momentum back.  Hey, maybe it's a case of guys playing too many minutes, and if so that's on me.  It's very disappointing to work so hard to get a lead and then lose it -- especially at home.  It's a very tough loss, and I think we are going to look back and point to the lack of attention to detail in terms of our effort.  To spring back is something that you have to do against these guys because they are never out of a game. They could be down double digits and be back in a minute and a half by just running it up on you and hitting threes, driving on you and getting to the bonus.  And they were doing all of those things. We had too many breakdowns -- simple as that. 

Is that a mental thing?

Yeah, mental.  Maybe it's physical too, but I don't know.  We've had too many of these games at home where we've lost focus.  We've been able to win the majority of them, but tonight we left too much to chance in the last six minutes.

Did losing Quinton Ross [didn't play second half --sore lower back] really hamper you...

Well it hurt us just from the standpoint that JET played the whole second half -- which is not good.  It was hard.  I probably should have gotten him out at some point, but it was tough because he was going pretty good, making things happen -- it was tough to get him out of there.  I don't know his [Ross] status for tomorrow, but it's something to do with his back.  We'll see where things are in the morning. 

Question about if he saw this loss "bubbling under the surface" during the win streak...

Well, we haven't played our best.  We've struggled offensively.  We've been pretty gritty defensively, but we've just struggled.  We've been able to win games despite that which is good, but on the other hand, there's something we've got to continue to work to get smoothed out.  We are heading into a very busy stretch of games so we'll have to do it on the fly -- which we can because we've got a veteran group.