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Thursday Morning Roundup

A stinger: Dallas Mavericks let Hornets escape in OT | Eddie Sefko
"I take a lot of responsibility, being one of the best free-throw shooters in the league and missing (three) in one game," Terry said. "Just make one and we'd already be on the plane. We had 'em beat, no question." Terry did more than his share of the heavy lifting with 35 points. He made all six of his shots in the fourth quarter, when the Mavericks didn't have Nowitzki at the end after he fouled out.

Dirk fouls out in encore | Eddie Sefko
"He's just a special player," Carlisle said. "What he did last night, we may not see that again in this league for a lot of years. "He's gotten better every year. This year, he's made an effort to drive the ball more to his right. He's always been a very strong and natural driver left. But he's driving it right more, which I think helps keep defenses honest."

Mavs Gag In 114-107 OT Loss At New Orleans |
Erick Dampier, playing in front of a collection of hometown family and friends from nearby Mississippi, was once again a horse. Damp put up yet another double-double-range game (this time contributing 16 points on with 14 rebounds) and was single-handedly responsible for every single one of Dallas second-chance points. That's right. The Mavs extended possessions and converted them into baskets six times and every time, a Damp tap-in was that basket.