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Ballin' with Big, Mavs week one

Please, allow me to reintroduce myself, My name is Big, and this is ballin' with Big, a weekly post from yours truly, where we talk about the finer things in basketball, the Mav's, and some other random stuff that my brain filled with malted hops and pizza crust can come up with.  It should be noted that this post will be long, and you will enjoy it, and you might want to punch me in the face after you read it as well.  I have that effect on people.

So follow me after the jump, follow me to freedom.

Since we last talked

Since we last talked, dear sexy reader, our Dallas Mavericks have gotten their season off to a 3-2 start, with big wins over the mighty Lakers and Dirk's Uberman impression in the 4th quarter to beat the Jazz.  Even the two losses came with good excuses, Arena's play against Washington and the let down overtime loss last night on the back end of a back to back.  Overall, I'm OK with the start, not feeling real good, just OK.  You would like to think they will start winning the games like last night later in the season when this team has "gelled" more. 

Game by Game quick hit look - I'm going to hit you guys up with some of the things that stood out, without a Ron Jawoski like breakdown of the whole game.

Washington - Loss 102-91

This was the home opener, and I had the great honor of going to this game.  First a couple of thoughts about being at the AAC for this one, One, the new HD screen's at the end of the buildings look great.  Very good quality and while my stats nerd brain missed having the hustle board up at all times, they did show it enough to feed the monster. 

Two, while I never really was a Humble Billy fanboy, it was weird and kind of sad that when the Mav's went to the charity strip, there was no "twoooooooooooooooo shots."

Shawn Marion's address to the fans at the beginning of the game was cool, if not a little awkward.  I'm paraphrasing, but it went a little something like "Hey fans, We just want to say happy Halloween and we are going to need your help this year, so cheer and stuff."  Just a little awkward. 

On to the game itself.  The first quarter I was really impressed with Quinton Ross, he seamed able to stay in front of Mike Miller and Deshawn Stevenson better than most, and when he had open looks, he knocked them down.  He went +7 for the game, but only played 19 min. 

Randy Foye is going to give JET a run for his spot as best 6th man in the league if he keeps playing like he did that night, 19 pts, +16. 

Dirk was really the only Mav who showed up to play for 4 quarters, his stat line for opening night, 34pts, 10-25 shooting 12-13 from the line, 9 boards. 

Los Angles Lakers - Win 94-80

Defense MFer!  You hold a team to 80 points, 39.5% shooting, and give them only 14 free throw attempts, you are going to win 99-100 times. 

I don't like Kobe, but I do like Lamar Odam, always thought the guy could play.  With that said, it was nice to see the Mav's really handle him and hold him to a +/- of -27. 

This was the first game where we really saw what kind of difference Shawn Marion can make.  Just having him on the floor makes Dallas 10 times more athletic, and while his 18pts, and 6 boards were nice, it was his defense holding Lamar Odam to a -27 +/- while he had a +37.  Now that's what the matrix is all about. 

LA Clippers - Win 93-84

I'm glad there aren't many good bigs in this league anymore, because if a guy like Chris Kaman can go for 27 and 11 on 12-19 shooting, I fear what the Dream or the Admiral could do against us. 

Dirk had another nice game, 24 and 9 on 9-19 shooting, and Terry's presence was felt more in this game than the first two. 

Utah Jazz - Win 96-85

What can you say that hasn't already been said about this great <del>game</del> fourth quarter.  Dirk is the tits.  Clear simple, and plain.  That's what superstars do. 

The thing that really shocks me is the fact that after the first 10 or so points in the 4th, why did the Jazz still let Memo Okur guard Dirk?  Paul Milsap is fine player, and only played 22 min with a +11, why not give him a shot?  Dirk was owning Okur like Chris Brown owned Rihianna.  At some point you just got to walk away.  (too soon?) 

New Orleans - Loss 114-107 OT

Man, 3 missed free throws with 10 secs left.  Are you kidding me?  Come on JJ. 

I know, its just because he is a limited player with limited skills, but every time I see James Singleton play, I like what going down.  This game he played 11 mins, had 4 rebs, and a +/- of 11.  I'm not saying start the guy, and maybe this is his limit, but its something to think about.

Chris Paul is a boss, 39pts, 7ast, 5 reb, in 45 min.  He is like the QB of a high school football team, he knows he's the only D1 level recruit, the team knows he's the only D1 level recruit, the fans know he's the only D1 level recruit, even the other team knows he is the only D1 level recruit, yet because he has the ball EVERY PLAY, he ends up doing something crazy and winning some games he shouldn't.  Hell he even made Emeka Okafor look good last night. 

Statie McStatStat - This is where I blow your mind with some stat that will shake you to your core like the first time you found out plastic surgeons can make girl go from a b cup to a double D. 

A lot has been made of the fact that the Mav's have been shooting ball like your sister so far this season, yet still winning games.  How is that possible, you say? 

FG %

WAS 46 Dallas 39 - Los

LAL 39.5 Dallas 41.6 - Win

LAC 42.7 Dallas 41.6 - Win

UTH 41.5 Dallas 39.5 - Win

NO 50 Dallas 45.9 - Loss

As you can see, when Dallas holds teams to a respectable FG%, they win despite their poor shooting themselves.  Why is that?  That is a two fold answer, when you hold a team to a low percentage, and you can control the boards, you keep them from scoring pts, and if you're not shooting well but you can get to the free throw line, you score more points.  Simple I know.  But look at these stats


WAS 46 Dallas 42 - Loss

LAL 40 Dallas 46 - Win

LAC 42 Dallas 44 - Win

UTH 37 Dallas 50 - Win

NO 44 Dallas 40 - Loss

Free Throws Made

WAS 20 Dallas 27 - Loss

LAL 9 Dallas 25 - Win

LAC 14 Dallas 20 - Win

UTH 13 Dallas 21 - Win

NO 14 Dallas 18 - Win

Totals, in the wins Dallas has out rebounded their opponents 150-119 while making 33 more free throws, as opposed to when they lose they have been out rebounded 90-82 and only made 9 more free throws than their opponent.  Something to think about

Crazy ass Trade thoughts - one of my favorite things about being a Mav's fan is the fact that Cubes and Donny aren't scared to pull the trigger on some crazy ass trades.  This is where I will talk about some of those idea's. 

This week, with the news coming out that Rudy Gay and Grizzlies have decided not to extend Gay's contract, we take a look at Rudy Gay, who might be able to be had by the trade deadline. 

Rudy Gay's bio -

23 Years old, 6-9 220 UConn

242 games 34 min a night.  45%, 35%3, 76%FT 5reb, 17PPG

PPG goes up as the season goes on. 

Why the Mav's would want this guy.  He's an athletic 3 who can give you min at the 4.  He is like a younger Marion.  If this guy is coming off the bench, he can bring you points, decent defense, and athleticism.  Let's be honest, this is not a young team.  Dirk is getting up there, Marion isn't a sprig chicken, and Kidd can remember the Ford Presidency.  Gay is the type of player that you can get to contribute right now, off the bench, and yet still be somebody that will be playing at a high level in 4 or 5 years, something we can't say about, well, anybody on this team right now. 

What would it take to get Gay (giggle).  His contract, 3.28 mil, 1 year.  (he would want a reup as soon as he was traded.)

First option, Shawn Williams (2.4 1year) mill guys (JJ Barea (1.6)Ross(1) Thomas(.8) Singleton(1)).  This one would probably have to include a first round pick from the Mav's as well.  The thinking behind this one?  Grizz get to cut cost (Williams) plus get a good young player (Barea, or Ross) and a first round pick.  They are building a young, young core over there, and two first rounders might be something they are interested in. 

Second Option Drew Gooden (4.5 1year).  Why they would take this one.  Money.  They would save an extra mill or so off their cap with this trade. 

Third Crazy Fire Ants Pants Option, Dampier for Gay, Marko Jaric (7 mill 2 years), Marc Gasol (3.3mill 2 years).  This one won't happen because Gasol is a guy they really like and think will be with the team for along time, but, if they really wanted to save some money, they can do this trade and cut Damp after the season, saving them something like 18 mill next year.  I know its crazy, but that's why It's the Crazy Fire Ants Pants option. 

Around the Association  - Gonna take a look around the league. 

Only have 2 undefeated teams left so far, Boston (6-0) and Denver (5-0), and only one winless team in New Jersey Ynets (0-5).  (how do you like that Kidd trade now, bitches)(I'm totally kidding). 

In the Southwest, the standings look as such

SA 2-1

Dallas 3-2

Houston 3-2

NOLA 2-3

Memphis 1-4

Dallas is currently 5th in the conference. 

Teams that are really lighting it up are Denver with 115ppg, Phoenix 111ppg and the Eastern Conference trifecta of Toronto, Orlando, and Atlanta with 108ppg. 

The "I can't effing buy a bucket right now" team is Charlotte, who is scoring at a blistering rate of 79.8 points per game. 

Favorite Mav Quote of the week.

This one from Jason Terry after the OT loss to NOLA, and after he failed to hit a free throw ten seconds left that would have prob iced the game. 

"It's a lost opportunity. We showed a lot of heart and a lot of determination. The key things we talk about all of the time and the little things ... free throws, getting out on shooters and fouling when we are up three. Those things are what championship teams do. Obviously, we're not there yet. We'll learn from this."

Thanks buddy, for that insight.  If only the first thing in basketball you were taught wasn't that if you hit free throws, get out on shooters and foul when you're up three at the end of the game.  Wait, it was.