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FRIDAY Roundup

Sefko's latest mailbag.
Q: Don't you think Shawn Marion should slow down? It seems like he is going too fast and sometimes loses the ball or gets too far in front of the play. Your thoughts?
SEFKO: This is a great question. We've all seen Shawn seeming like he's doing trying to do too much in the first five games of the season. My take is that it's exactly why the Mavericks need him. They need somebody eager to make the move to the basket or force contact to try to get a rebound. This is a perfect compliment to the Mavericks' other heavy lifters who usually play away from the rim. Yes, Marion has had a lot of missed opportunities in the paint. And I've already heard a bunch of people in the league who say he can't finish anymore and that he'll end up breaking the Mavericks' heart.

Dirk doesn't get DQ'd often
And there's a good reason. In 11 seasons, he's fouled out only 22 times. The Mavericks' record in those games? 6-16.

Mavs 'still smarting after the overtime loss' | Eddie Sefko
The Mavericks were upset at their lack of execution in the final moments. "The key things we talk about all the time, free throws, getting out on the shooter – those things are what championship teams do," said Jason Terry. "Obviously we're not there yet and we'll learn from this loss."'s Morning Donuts
I stated yesterday in my Voodoo story that at 76 percent, J.J. Barea is a 'fine' free-throw shooter. A note from my man EricCeleste from D Magazine: Fish, good column. But but JJ is not a "fine free-thrower." he is averaging 76 percent for his career; the NBA average is always around 75 percent.