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Hi, My Name is zkmavz and I'm a Mavsaholic

Hey everyone... Phillip told me I had to do an introductory piece, and since he is the guy who randomly showed up and started telling us what to do boss, I guess i will follow orders...

My name is Zack, though most of you know me as zkmavz...  That's me in the picture with the Dirk jersey on... Phillip's #1 enemy, Dirk Diggler, is with me as well.   Mavsgametv_medium

I am looking forward to contributing to this site in ways other than getting angry in the game threads. I am going to be doing post-game recaps and some other weekly stuff that is a surprise. Yay surprises! The best news of all is that the more I post, the less Phillip will. No... just kidding The best news is really that I plan to regularly have new stuff for people to read and comment on... and if you dont like what I post, please comment and let me know. I will then do more of what you don't like just to annoy you. That's not true either... I don't want to annoy you. I don't really know where I am going with this... I didn't want to post this anyway... Let's move on.

My first duty will be to start doing quick recaps of each game... and what a perfect night to start. The Raptors are coming to town after beating the Hornets last night, and (Phillip, skip this rest of this paragraph) I wont even get to watch the game live since my wife is dragging me to a birthday party. So please be prepared for a delayed recap with me being about 6 beers deep.

OK, I am done with this introductory post. I look forward to giving you all some good hard Mavericks love this season. Bruce182 what's up? Front page shout out for ya buddy!