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Mavs Beat Chris Bosh's Dreads

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It's recap time... and we dominated. We were supposed to dominate right? Phillip predicted he Mavs to roll and we did. I have a bit of news though... someone got really drunk at the birthday party... sorry it wasn't me. It was my wife... I think she's okay... I am more worried about this recap though... let's get into the game (or at least the part i saw).

- Josh Howard is BACK! the good news is that he looked aggressive... the bad news is that he still bricked jumpshots and he did his Jason Terry impression at the free throw line...
- Dirk got 20 points again... I can't believe that loser scored less than 20 vs NO... he sucks
- JJ Barea had 12 assists?!?! He is the worst player in the league one night and the next... he brings it... prettay impressive... He's still short...
- I posted it in the game thread... the Mavs had the 4th highest shooting % in the last 18 years... ummm awesome
- Isn't it stupid that roddy boobwa is badass early on vs NO and then we only see him in garbage time tonight? come on now...
- Baylor won today... SIC 'EM
- Jason Terry needs to stop missing free throws or I will punch him... i will...
- I am glad Quinton Ross isn't hurt.
- Is Erick Dampier a viable option in fantasy... i am still refusing to bite... but ever single game this year he isn't hurting your team... gotta love contract years.
- I saw Shawn Marion miss 2 shots before I left... he finished the game 9-11 from the field... I guess he did well after I left huh? Has he shot a FT this year? I am not looking it up... I'm just wondering...
- I've got nothing left... Please leave your thoughts on the game in the comment section and get ready to beat the Rockets on Monday Tuesday... I am going to link the Mavs-Rockets game cuz SBNation gives me that option... not sure where it leads... GO MAVS!

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