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Power Rankings Roundup

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Does it really matter where people think the Mavs rank in the NBA after two weeks? Probably not. But I have always enjoyed seeing different thoughts from different places on the Mavs. Now, I used to let power rankings anger me when I thought our team was being disrespected. Recently I've done my best to mellow out on the power rankings and let things that truly matter make me angry, like Dwyane Wade.

That being said, I've done my best to compile all of the NBA power rankings that I have come across. I will continue to update this weekly so we can see what the general consensus is of our beloved Mavericks nationally. If you know of one that I am missing, please leave it in the comments. I will make sure and add it to next week's Power Rankings Roundup. A few sites have paired up with other sites (Yahoo/, CBSSports/ Also note that some sites have not been updated yet this week. I put my comments in italics.

Overall, everyone agrees that we are a top ten team in the league right now. I would definitely concur, though I still get sick thinking about that loss at New Orleans. What do you think? (Marc Stein)7th - Won a game they had no business winning with the Utah comeback. Blew a game they had no business losing with the New Orleans collapse. Final verdict for the Mavs? Still a decent week thanks to Josh Howard's return. - I agree with this 100%. - 9th - Looking for a reason to explain the hot start? How about defense? Last season, Dallas was 18-23 when held below 100 points. With the defensive-minded Shawn Marion and Quinton Ross on board this year, the Mavs are 3-1 when scoring in double digits. "Just by adding those two players, we're already a better defensive team," Dirk Nowitzki told The Dallas Morning News. "We've made a conscious effort to be better defensively. We're doing well defensively, and we're rotating for each other and scrambling and the defense has been fun to watch." - The defense has been great to watch. Hopefully the offense keeps up the momentum from the win over Toronto. - 8th - Pace: 94.8 (18), Off Eff: 105.5 (13), Def Eff: 97.8 (7)
The Mavs couldn't stop Chris Paul on Wednesday, but Josh Howard returned on Saturday and they had their best offensive game of the season in a win over Toronto. They shot a scorching 63 percent from the field and turned the ball over just nine times.

Ball Don't Lie Twitter Top 10 - 8th - Howard seems healthy, Kidd isn't THAT slow, Dirk's hair is glorious & Barea has responded well to the L's attempts to get Latino fans #BDL - Dirk's hair IS glorious! All fans of the NBA should follow @jeskeets on Twitter. You can thank me later. - 5th - The impressive Mavs get tested by Texas this week with the Rockets visiting on Tuesday - followed by a trek to San Antonio the following night. The four-seed seemed like a best case for Dallas this season but the West may be more open than originally thought. - I like the optimism here. Will Duncan and Tony make it back from their ankle injuries by Wednesday? - 10th - Josh Howard recently returned. Erick Dampier is playing well. - Amazing commentary by InsideHoops. - 8th - SF Josh Howard made his return to the starting five, and Dallas is starting to look legit. - Josh Howard returned. Did you hear? - 8th - Reaping benefits of improved defense. - All comments in this one are one-liners. They are right though. - 2nd - Josh Howard is back, and doesn't look rusty at all. He put up 16 points in just 24 minutes against the Raptors. - They got our record wrong (5-2), but they made up for it by putting a picture of Dirk at top and ranking us 2nd. - 8th - Dirk is playing great and the team is learning on the fly.

The Oregonian - 10th - Josh Howard says ankle still painful. - Maybe Norkstrull knows something about this guy, being the local Blazers expert. If any of you know of your local newspaper writers that do rankings, please pass them along.

San Antonio Express-News - 7th - They've got two wins at Staples Center, just like the Lakers. - Had to get the view from SA. You have to be in the top ten or you don't get a comment. Spurs ranked 11th.

SBNation - 6th - Third Quarter Collapse: "Quietly having a great season, with a +7.3 differential, third-best in the league." - If Wes had remembered to vote, the Mavs might be 5th.

The below rankings update on Tuesday. - 8th - Nice start would be nicer if they'd made a free throw down the stretch in New Orleans. Still, this is a formidable team, especially with Howard back. - Ugh, don't remind me. - 6th - Dallas has actually looked like one of the top teams this season, but the fact that they gave away a game at the free throw line cannot go unpunished. But the next night Josh Howard returned, and so did the Mavs' solid play: They crushed the Raptors by 28 points. - They have our record at 5-2 already. I hope they are right.