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Friday Links

Dallas Mavericks guard Terry finds ways to contribute | Eddie Sefko - DMN
"They're double-teaming, both on pick-and-rolls and on pin-downs," coach Rick Carlisle said. "When that happens, he's got to be a facilitator for us and he has to have a level of patience. He's got to stay aggressive to score when the opportunities are there. But when people commit two to him, he's got to drag those guys, and then make the pass leading to a bucket." Terry has found that contributing in other ways, including staying in front of his man on defense, can be equally rewarding as filling up the basket. It also helps that the Mavericks are 19-7 and riding a five-game winning streak as Houston comes to town tonight.

Mavs' road to halfway point: Murderer's Row | Jeff Caplan - ESPNDallas
"The important thing now is even though we’ve won five in a row, is to stay hungry, not let any complacency creep in and try to work to maintain this momentum and carry it forward," Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said. "That’s a challenge in this league. The teams that can do that end up being special teams, and the ones that can’t end up being average or also-rans."

Dallas Basketball - Friday Morning Mavs Donuts: The Indisputable Josh
But here's The Indisputable Josh: This year, the Mavs are a darn-goof 13-6 without him. With him, though, they are 6-1.