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The Sunday Roundup

Dallas Mavericks' Nowitzki expected to miss Cavs game | DMN
Nowitzki is questionable for tonight's game against Cleveland. The Mavericks were preparing as if he won't be playing. "Everybody's going to have to be ready to step up and take up the slack," coach Rick Carlisle said. "We obviously hope for the best. But we don't know what the timetable's going to be. We've got to have other guys ready. We've had a lot of guys play well this year and I expect them to continue to do that in his absence."

Dallas Mavericks' Dampier still baffled by ejection | DMN
"You could tell watching their review and how long it took them to go over it three or four times that nothing good was going to come out of it. I mean, I'm thinking he's going to review the foul and all of the sudden he says there's a T on No. 25 and he's ejected. I didn't really understand it. But we're not going to blame the game on that one call."

Mavericks to protest at least three calls | ESPNDallas
"We believe there were multiple misapplications of the rules," Cuban said.

Dallas Basketball - Sunday Morning Mavs Donuts: Dirk At The Elbow
I mentioned in my review of Rockets 116, Mavs 108 that the idea that poor refereeing might result in some sort of "do-over’’ is too unlikely to bother even mentioning. I’m reminded by Ziller, though, of what happened once in modern NBA history, and just a short time ago: So I guess I’m wrong to say it CAN’T happen. But I’m still right to say it WON’T.

All-Star trinket: Mark Cuban's vivid memory | DMN
Cuban said the All-Star Game has evolved from a spectacle to just a part of the season, though he believes it has expanded in many ways, including popularity, in recent seasons. "That's the biggest difference, the exposure," he said. "You used to see games so rarely that the All-Star Game was a big event. Now you can see games every night of the week. But the All-Star Game will always be special."

Spurs' Bonner sidelined by broken hand
Bonner will be re-examined on Monday before a final timetable for his return is announced, but he is certain to miss a significant number of games. He is optimistic his hiatus will last no more than a month. "It's not broken all the way through, so it should heal itself in about four weeks," he said. "That's about it."