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Wednesday Morning Roundup

Home sick: Dallas Mavericks off target in loss to Blazers at AAC | DMN
"Nine times out of 10, I'm going to make that shot," he said. "I'm not second-guessing myself. If we get a timeout, do we score? We don't know. Maybe next time we'll call a timeout. But me, I'm sprinting down there and trying to attack the basket. It was an aggressive play. It didn't go our way tonight. And you feel bad. But it's one game. Let's go on to the next one." Coach Rick Carlisle took responsibility for not calling a timeout. That strategy has worked a couple of times this season for them. But he couldn't have planned on Kidd getting tangled up on the shot by Roy

Dallas Basketball - Mavs' Kidd Asks, 'What Happened?!' Portland Beats Dazed-And-Confused Dallas
"What happened?!" asked a dazed-and-confused Jason Kidd in the final seconds of Tuesday's home meeting with the Blazers. "What happened?!" Mavs trainer Casey Smith, tending to the Dallas quarterback after a frightening fall, provided a cursory answer, probably not getting to all the details about how defender Kidd has been flattened with 14 seconds remaining and Dallas down two, about how teammate Jason Terry had collected the ball and rushed upcourt, hurrying a difficult shot when they was no sense in hurrying ... in fact, when there was no sense in Jet shooting at all, as the Mavs inexplicably passed on stopping the clock to set up a final possession, leaving Kidd on the floor behind them, to instead try to score 4-on-5. "Why," Kidd then asked Smith, "didn't we call a timeout?"

Dallas Basketball - Mavs Wednesday Morning Donuts: What's The Debate?
"Kidd is down, so it probably would have been wiser to call timeout," Nowitzki said after Tuesday's 85-81 loss to Portland. "But hey, we've been good on the fly before -- getting a stop and then being aggressive in transition. So, we can't really fault Jet on that. He made an aggressive play, got to the basket and then just didn't get the roll. Afterwards you're always smarter, and it probably would have been better to pull the ball out, get a timeout and set the play up and try to tie the game up."

As another solid night of defense goes unrewarded, Nowitzki vents frustration | DMN, Texas | Dallas Morning News
The frustration is building in Nowitzki. He sees his team holding opponents to 85 points and not winning. He's not happy about it. "It just feels like, at home, I've got to make every shot down the stretch to win," he said. "That's how it feels. ... So we got to figure out something."

Elbow doesn't bother Dirk | ESPN Dallas
Dirk didn't have any problem shooting the ball, knocking down 10 of 13 shots during a 27-point performance. He tried to avoid contact with his elbow, using his hands instead of forearm while playing post defense. "It worked out pretty good," he said. "It wasn’t actually too sore."