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The 12/28 Monday Roudup

Film study leads to Dallas Mavericks' big victory | DMN
"We had to win this game," Jason Terry said, "for the psyche of this team. This is a team we hadn't beaten in three years. It goes back to Golden State [a few years ago]. Does this team have your number? You think about those things. I'm glad we got the monkey off our back."

Gooden was a great one in Dallas Mavericks' 104-96 win | DMN
Gooden has had crazier statistical games this season. But never has he been more efficient or sent a better message than he did in shooting 8-for-8 and ringing up 19 points and 10 rebounds. "Coach Williams always used to tell us to lose yourself in the game,’’ said Gooden, who missed Sunday’s game against Memphis with back spasms. "So I lost myself in the game, and good things started to happen.’’

The Come Up: Rockets again, then roll through Cali | Jeff Wade - ESPNDallas
The casual NBA fan probably didn’t realize what an impressive win the Mavs pulled off against the Memphis Grizzlies (7-4 in December) last Saturday afternoon. If Dallas leaves Sacto next Saturday night with a "W" I imagine the significance will also be lost on that same casual fan. But you know better, right? The Kings are 10-5 at home (for reference Dallas is 11-5) and they’re coming off a tough double overtime loss to The Lakers at home

Mavs 104, Nuggets 96: Confidence Is Mile-High |
To stop 'Melo, maybe the difference was Shawn Marion, new to the Mavs this season and therefore not culpable for all those past failures. Along with Josh Howard, who guarded Anthony well in the fourth quarter, The Matrix was able to limit him to 5-of-19 shooting for just 16 points ... his second-poorest total of the season. Maybe frustrated, Anthony's only real impact in this game came from a series of juvenile and lazy fouls ... fouls away from the ball, fouls clonking aimlessly into guys ... with 2:47 remaining 'Melo had more fouls than made shots -- six in total, which was all she wrote.

Monday Morning Mavs Donuts: Billups/Schmillups |
Dallas outrebounded the home team 51-45 while holding them to 38 percent shooting and to 19 points below their usual point total at home. And those numbers pass both the Eye Test and the stat-geek test.

No question who leads Dallas -- it's Nowitzki | Art Garcia |
"I maybe didn't do that when I was 20," Nowitzki said. "Now I pretty much say what I want. I pick my spots, but if there is something I have to address, I do that." The former MVP doesn't confine his frustration to postgame talks with the media. Locker room speeches aren't his forte, but pulling a teammate aside to offer words of encouragement or verbal kicks to the backside are common. "During the game, yeah, all the time," said J.J. Barea, a Nowitzki teammate for the last three seasons. "He comes to me and says, 'C'mon, lets go.' Individually he's good about that, but not in a group situation before the game or at halftime."