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Tuesday Roundup

Dampier, Kidd shine in Dallas Mavericks' pick and roll | Eddie Sefko DMN
"It's just understanding the situation and being a little more comfortable," Kidd said of the frequent lobs and interior passes that are coming Dampier's way. "And I think Damp has taken it upon himself that he wants the ball. That's huge for a guy who normally doesn't get the ball. We're throwing it to him to be both a scorer and a playmaker, and he's doing both.

Rockets look to deal McGrady, ending wait for what could have been | Houston Chronicle
Tracy McGrady believed he was ready to play far more than he had in six cameos. Rick Adelman was not able to say when or if that would happen. So McGrady's agents asked the Rockets to look for a trade, with McGrady permitted to leave the team while the Rockets tried to find a deal.

NBA Basketball Power Rankings | Marc Stein - ESPN - Dallas #7
For all the fretting about their home indifference and all the praise for their road work, this might actually be the newsiest topic about the new Mavs: They've quietly emerged as a top-five team in defensive efficiency.