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Thursday Morning Roundup

Dallas Mavericks hand Nets one to forget in a 117-101 win | DMN
The Mavericks had 24 possessions in the second quarter. They scored on 22 of them. And one of the misfires was a lob pass for a dunk on which Dampier mistimed his jump. The 49 points were the most ever in a second quarter for the Mavs, and the 77 points by halftime were the most they have scored in any half this season. "Yeah, that second quarter was one of the best quarters we've played in a long, long time," Dirk Nowitzki said. "Shooting 80 percent in a half is pretty unbelievable."

Where's It At? Good can be much better | ESPN Dallas - Jeff Wade
And honestly, I feel like we learned nothing [from the nets game]. Halfway through the third quarter I forgot the game was on while I was watching it. So we will ignore the game that confirmed New Jersey's place in the annals of ineptitude. But what we do know is that despite their numerous injuries, the Mavericks head into their Beale Street BBQ Boogie against the Grizzlies on Friday with a chance to be a .750 team a quarter of the way through the season.

Behind the Box Score | Ball Don't Lie - Kelly Dwyer
this is like trying to read the tea leaves in a split-squad spring training game. Still, a few Dallas highlights: Dirk Nowitzki(notes) had 24 points, eight assists, seven rebounds, and three turnovers (!, is he hurt?); Erick Dampier(notes) roared back with an 18-point, 11-rebound game in his second game since returning from illness, and the squad dominated New Jersey on the glass? - Mavs 117, Nets 101: Kidd And Dallas Have Their Way.
Rick Carlisle, your thoughts? "Again the fourth quarter we had a stretch where I didn't want to put Dirk Nowitzki or Jason Kidd back in, but the Nets went on an eight or nine point run and we had to do it," Carlisle said. "You do what you have to do. For the most part we played well and played the way we needed to play." Mike Fisher, your thoughts? The JV's tried hard. They are professionals. professional JV's, but still. ... They were down 31 in the first half. ... what did we expect, that after double that many halves they'd be down 62?