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How's about that Harris for Kidd trade now?

I had written this post yesterday afternoon, but when I tried to post it, the site went down. I'm not sure if that was someone else's fault, or if it was mine. I'll never do "Cat Fancy" again. So...I'm going to add my own revisions within the text based on last night's game.

I can remember almost 2 years ago when I saw the panicky move by the Mavericks of shipping what I figured what the future of the team for the 10 year older version of a point guard who wasn't happy in Dallas before hand. . I facepalmed like a champ that day.

That's right, I'm talking about the Jason Kidd for Devin Harris swap that everyone either lauded or felt their collective sphincters tighten about. More specifically, the Devin Harris + Trenton Hassell + Mo Ager + DeSagana Diop + Keith VanHorn's contract + first rounders in 2008 and 2010 + cash for Jason Kidd + Antoine Wright + Malik Allen.

Yup, I was one of the people who claimed that Donnie had lost it, Cuban still thought it was 2006 and it was going to be the straw that broke Avery's back. (1 for 3 ain't bad). Well, tonight the Mavs visit a winless New Jersey team and maybe I'll be reminded why I guest post for a blog instead of sit in meetings with Donnie, Cuban and Carlisle.

More after the jump (pronounced "yump"'s a soft "j")

The Nets are 0-17 0-18 and firmly entrenched in the cellar of the NBA. They've fired the stern and demanding Lawrence Frank and replaced him with former Mav and awesomely named Kiki Vandeweghe. (Tangent Alert! I would bet you $10,000 that Big would misspell Kiki's whole name if you asked him to spell it. Seriously. We could set the over under on what letter he messes up on at 5 and I'd win with the under.) Harris? He's only started four games because of a groin injury.

The Mavs, however, are 13-5 14-5 and sit atop their division. They're well rested and healthy. Kidd has shown that he's not the upset and busted star that we thought he was and is actively channeling this team into a single machined unit. He's managed to bring along rookies like Barea, create shots for other players and do what he was asked and be a "floor coach". No team in NBA history has started a season 0-18. The Nets are the first team to go 0-18 to start the season.  Does that mean that they're guaranteed to win this game? (Obviously not) Mavericks' fans might say yes because there's the Mavs can't beat ironic fate. (By the way, go read Wes's find/post below on the fragile psyche of Mavs's fandom) I say the Mavs win this one outright and large. (Note to self...go buy lottery ticket)

If you're getting you got bored, maybe you can enjoy enjoyed watching the Mavs of yesteryear on the Nets. Guys like Trenton Hassell, Eddie Najera (Mexican Jumping bean!) and Del Harris

So, very similar to what I had to do with JJ Barea, let me publicly apologize to Donnie Nelson . I was wrong. You were right. (Until I don't like a move you make, in which case, you're totally wrong and I reserve the right to retract my apology)