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12/30 Morning Roundup

Help has arrived, but Dirk needs to be aggressive | Tim MacMahon - ESPNDallas
"That's the beauty, and sometimes the challenge," Kidd said. "We've got so many guys who can put the ball in the basket and who want the ball. That's a good thing. "I think that for Dirk, we can play off of Dirk where he doesn't feel that he has to take every shot, where he can be a playmaker or if a shot presents itself, he can knock it down. He loves that stage of having the ball in the fourth quarter, but with so many guys who can score, I think it takes a lot of pressure off of Dirk."

Dallas Mavericks' Carroll learning to practice patience | Eddie Sefko - DMN
"Put it this way, to keep things in perspective, as an NBA player, we have one of the best jobs in the world," he says. "I don't even want to call it a job sometimes. You're doing a game, something you love, which I don't think everybody can say. "But at the end of the day, you want to play and compete. That's the toughest thing. You can only do so many shooting drills and run so many sprints and lift so many weights to stay ready when your opportunity comes. It gets a little monotonous. But that's the part about being a pro – stay focused and try to improve your game every day, like you would if you were playing a lot of minutes."

Mavs Morning Donuts: Happy Anniversary To Me! |
He's kicking more things,'' Jason Terry says of coach Rick Carlisle. "We didn't see that in the first year. This year, he's getting more comfortable. He's kicking things. He's got a little of Avery in him.'' OK. A little. But not too much, Rick, OK?

Are The Mavs A Good Rebounding Team? | Mark Followill -
*Offensive rebounding percentage (percentage of a given team's shots which that team rebounds): Dallas is .260, which ranks 18th in the NBA. *Defensive rebounding percentage (percentage of opponents� missed shots which a given team rebounds): Dallas is .736, which ranks 11th in the NBA. *Total rebounding percentage (average of offensive and defensive rebounding percentage): Dallas is .498, which ranks 19th

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