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Saturday Roundup

Dallas Mavericks misfire on the road with 98-82 loss to Grizzlies | DMN
"We shot no free throws in the second half, which meant that we basically became a jump-shooting team and a passive team offensively," Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said. "You're not going to win on the road in this league playing like that. We have to play with a lot more force." Zero free throws. That's what happens when you fall back to old, bad habits, like 18 3-pointers after halftime and plenty of other low-yield shots that contributed to a season-low 35.2 percent shooting.

Scatterhooping: Memphis 98, Dallas 82 | Jeff Wade - ESPN Dallas
The Grizz only shot 6 free throws in the second half, but it didn’t matter because their shots weren’t that hotly contested. In a game where nobody was really too committed to guarding anyone, the Grizz made their shots and Dallas didn't.

Grizzlies 98, Mavs 82: Dallas Throws In The Towel | Mike Fisher -
Every time the Mavs called a timeout, it seemed, Dirk Nowitzki stormed to the bench to abuse whatever stood in his way. He angrily threw a towel. He slapped a folding chair and sent it crashing to the floor. Overall, the Mavs were never a threat to the building Grizzlies, losing at Memphis 98-82 on Friday. But the Mavs were undefeated against inanimate objects.

Going long distance gives Dallas Mavericks no shot | Eddie Sefko - DMN
The Mavericks have averaged 18 3-point attempts per game. That's a sensible number. They had 29 on Friday, most of them before garbage time began