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WWE RAW invades the AAC...

...and it was guest hosted by our very own Mark Cuban.   Full disclosure, I've been a pro wrestling fan since I was a kid, and unlike most interests I had back then, this one hasn't waned.   Needless to say, I was locked in to my television last night.

Cuban got to spend the evening doing what Cuban does best, and that was pander to a crowd and act the fool.  He basically spent his evening getting crowd reaction by channeling his inner Chris Arnold. "Are there any Dallas Mavericks fans in the house tonight?" 

He also spent his time interacting with wrestlers.  Slapping hands, trading barbs and such.  Strange...Mark Cuban doesn't seem the type who might interact with the stars of the show...right?

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Cuban made some groan inducing comments when he was going back and forth with another wrestler, Cody Rhodes, and said "we can settle this in June after the Dallas Mavericks win the NBA Finals."    But his line of the night might have been when he said "it's no surprise that the WWE refs are just as bad as the NBA refs when it comes to missing things and being in the bag."  ZING!

Shawn Marion and Tim Thomas were ringside with Cuban acting as his bodyguards.  Seems like that'd be something that Damp could actually do well..

Oh...did I forget to mention that this happened?