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Mavs Easily Beat Kings: Postgame Quotes

In terms of rebound rate, this was the Mavs best rebounding game of the season (grabbed 61.43% of missed shots).  We can thank Erick Dampier for that -- sixteen rebounds in 30 minutes.  Dampier was one of many great individual performances -- J5 (23pts, 6reb, 5ast), Dirk (21pts, 8reb), Kidd (15pts, 12ast, 7reb, 4stl, and a freakish +39), and Antoine Wright  (23pts, 3stls).  In the end, Dallas had no trouble beating a pretty bad Sacramento team.

Antoine Wright

It had to feel good to get that offensive production with Terry out of the lineup, but you also did some good things on defense as well.

Well, it felt great.  The main thing was that we had to hold Martin because up in SAC he got things going early and me getting two fouls early didn't help.  Josh played great in the first half and in the second I just wanted to be aggressive and I got some shots to go.

Rick Carlisle

Overall I thought our defense in the first half was pathetic.  I was really concerned about it at the half.  57 points is just too many.  It's a losing number.  And we did much better.  The third quarter was a great quarter for us.  Everybody picked it up defensively.  But if we step out there on Thursday like that against Boston, you've got no chance.  We're going to have to be a lot better to start the game defensively. Overall offensively we did a lot of good things. 

Josh played great.  Antoine Wright gave us a lot tonight -- both defensively and offensively in the post.  Dirk and Kidd were terrific.  We got pretty good balance overall.  Dampier played a really good game.  His ability to stay in the game when they went small gave us a real edge in the third quarter.  Our bench was OK.  We can play better than we did tonight ,and I think we will, obviously.  It wasn't one of our better nights.  We're going to need these guys to play well, and they know that.  We'll have to do a little bit better on Thursday.

What didn't you like in the first half?

I didn't like that they were shooting a high percentage.  There were a lot of uncontested shots.  We didn't get back well.  We didn't contain penetration.  The concentration wasn't there and we eased into the game.  It's just something we can't do.  We're fortunate to win tonight despite a poor first half.  The second half we played much better defensively and it certainly helped our offense.

Josh Howard

Has to feel good to get a blowout win even without JET in the lineup.

Yeah, real big.  Hats off to Antoine Wright coming out there and stepping up.  I think everyone did a real good job.  Like you said, to get a blowout win against this team sort of sets a tone for the next one.

Do you feel like you have to add points in his absence?

I think a little bit.  I think overall everyone needs to step up.  Personally, I think I need to get more assists out there and get more guys involved.  It's going to be a challenge,  but I'm up to it.

Looking forward to Boston?

Yeah, I am.  Getting embarrassed on national TV like that.  I can promise it won't happen again.  We're going to go out there and play our hardest to try and get the win.

300 straight sellouts.  Talk about the fans.

It's a blessing.  I've been here six years and to be a part of that is great.  I hope they continue come and fill up the stands.