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Wednesday Morning Roundup

David Moore has short article on Antoine Wright and notes that defense is still why he's in the floor.

Don't look for many more 20-point nights. Defense remains his primary role. Wright won't be asked to replace the 19.9 points Terry averaged before he went down with a broken bone in his hand.


In the third quarter, the Kings scored 14 points.  Antoine wright scored 11.  Good job by Wright, and a great job by Dallas to pick up the defense after the first half was pretty bad.  Credit to Carlisle's halftime speech?

Carlisle didn't get the defensive intensity he wanted, calling his team's effort pathetic in the first half. But after a stern halftime speech - "Coach came in here and said, bleep, bleep, bleep, get out there and bleep," Antoine Wright said - the Mavericks responded.


Mike Fisher has a lot of notes on the game and liked what he saw from J5.

Though it took until the third quarter for the Mavs to permanently put a boot on the visitor's neck, Josh Howard spent the first quarter at least jabbing them in the Adam's Apple. J-Ho was terrific early, scoring 16 in the first nine minutes of the game. He see-sawed a bit later, and so did the lead - the Kings scored 10 straight in the second and actually took a brief 41-40 lead before Dallas scored 10 straight of its own - but to me, Howard wisely played his role rather than taking the absence of Jet as an opportunity to expand it.