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Thursday Morning Roundup

Earlier this week, there was speculation that Stackhouse might suit up for the Boston game tonight.  Mike Fisher has heard reports from practice however, and it doesn't sound like Stackhouse is anywhere near ready to go.

Our eyes at Mavs practice on Wednesday watched the 34-year-old Stackhouse participate in a simulated 3-on-3 game. And he simply did not look even close to ready. Even the jump shot - likely affected by the bad foot and the rust, but still the one part of Jerry's game you'd like to be able to count on - was errant. We're estimating he made maybe only a few of the 20 shots he took in the simulated game. ... He did make a 3 and he was putting out effort.

It's no surprise then that Carlisle came out said Stack won't be back until after the break.

"He's not going to be available until after the [All-Star] break," Carlisle said. "I don't know the timetable. But he's making progress. I don't know that he's close. But if he comes to me after the break and says he's ready, then we'll be talking."


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