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Presidential Links

Tim Cowlishaw believes the Mavs have to make a move, just to make one apparently.

My preference would be to see Shaq stuffed into a Mavs uniform...

...The fact that they almost certainly still would not have enough to beat the Lakers in the playoffs is irrelevant.

You can't base every decision solely on whether or not it gets you a title. Not in the NBA. You have to just try to improve.


Dirk had a very relaxing All-Star break.

"I got some rest and really caught up on my sleep. I didn't go out last night [Saturday]."

He may or may not have already been asleep during player introductions last night.


Fisher has some All-Star game notes.

On the court holding a framed Mavs-like All-Star jersey were Stern. ... Cuban. ... Dirk. ... and Shaq?

I'm sure it was a passing-of-the-torch staging. Shaq repping Phoenix, passing the game to Dirk, repping Dallas. But ... Dirk and Shaq, on that stage together. ... sure got me all dreamy. ...


And Fisher is also exited about the idea of LeBron doing the dunk contest in Dallas.

Can someone sign James White just so he can compete?  Because this is how you dunk from the free throw line.