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Back to Work Links

Hey, there's a game tonight!

Rick Carilsle says he isn't expecting a trade,  but I'm pretty sure he has to say that either way.

"I think it'll look a lot like this. And it may very well be the same. I'm not anticipating any blockbuster trades. But with Donnie Nelson, who knows? He's pulled off some big ones before. Time will tell.

"If this is the group we have, I like this group. I'm not anticipating anything earth-shaking for us. I'm very pleased with the group we have. These are good guys and terrific players. And if we get healthy, which is one of our goals, that's going to help even more."


Moore says Dallas making it to the Finals will end any Kidd debate.  Ummmm, yeah.

The price was steep. The Mavericks gave up a quality point guard who is nearly 10 years younger than Kidd and two first-round draft picks. How can the team maintain the trade made sense if they don't compete for a championship?

"This team has had two coaches," Kidd said. "With everything that's gone on, for us to be 10 games over .500, that's pretty impressive in the Western Conference. We've had some no-shows. But through all the growing pains, if somebody says at the end of this journey, you're going to win a championship, I think we'd all say it was worth it.

Moore also throws water on the idea that Avery wasn't supportive of the Kidd trade.


Mike Fisher is hearing Cuban would love to get Shaq.  I don't doubt that at all, but I would love to have a lot of stuff too.  Cuban wanting him doesn't mean a whole lot to me.


Hubbard  calls the Kidd/Harris trade a win for both teams.