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Deadline Day Roundup

Well it's deadline day and the chances of a Mavs trade are sounding pretty slim.  Not really a surprise -- especially after the CHI/SAC trade.

Sefko recaps the game with quotes from Carilsle that Kidd and Wright really wanted to win that one.

But it was clear to everybody that the Mavericks remembered the 24-point hammering they took in New Jersey.

"I don't think there's any question that there's a little bit of that going there," coach Rick Carlisle said. "Jason wants to win. We're trying to move up and get as high a seed as we can. I don't think it's all personal stuff against the Nets. I just think he's a guy with a lot of pride, and he's trying to win."

Moore has an article on another very good game by Antoine Wright.

"It was important to come out in the third, attack him and make him guard me a little bit, too."

"I was feeling it," said Wright, who played nearly 40 minutes. "I was tired out there."

"I have to make the best of it," Wright said. "There are no excuses right now. I'm getting the opportunity to play big minutes.


Jason Terry was given a six week time frame last night.  That would be about five more weeks and 20 games total.


Fisher ponders Kidd's future with the Mavs.


The Star-Telegram has the postgame interview audio clips again.