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The Day After Links

So I started a big post about the Mavs not making a trade but got sleepy and went to bed.  I'll probably finish and put it up on Saturday.

Mike Fisher has a really good rundown of all the players Dallas was linked to and what happened with them.

The commitment to Carter of two years and $32 mil is almost digestible - but not while laterally swapping talent-for-talent.

This does raise a question, though: Why couldn't Dallas close that gap?

Donnie's pat answer: "It's not worth not being players in 2010.''


Sefko writes on the trade and says 2010 might have been the biggest reason Dallas stood still.

The long-term goals are clear. The Mavericks are determined to save every penny they can on the 2009-10 payroll so that they can make a run at one or more of the free agents that summer.

In the meantime, the Mavericks have won seven of nine and are positioned well to make a run at the No. 4 playoff seed in the final two months.


On February 20th, 2009 I agreed (for the most part) with a Randy Galloway article.


It sounds like Stackhouse will be active against Houston tonight.


This Day in Mavs History

1992 Traded James Donaldson to New York for Brian Quinnett.