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Mavs Lose to Rockets Postgame Quotes

Things are already hard enough without Terry, but essentially without Dirk too...

Rick Carlisle

We turned it over seven time and shot 35%.  It gave them momentum.  We battled our tails off in the fourth to give ourselves a chance.  I loved our effort but it just proved to be too big a hole.  Both teams really played hard.  We just really needed to be better in the third.  That's what it came down to.

Some question about the game after Dampier got his fourth foul.

There was a lot of things going on.  Dampier's fourth was a factor.  But then when we went small that's when we got a spark and made a run.  Hey you know, you're on the road and you've got to do things well for 48 minutes.  The third quarter was our undoing.

Did this feel like a playoff game?

Umm, it did.  Certainly in the second half it did.  But all these games are meaningful.  Our game tomorrow night has great meaning too.  That's going to be consistent from here on out.  What we've got to learn from tonight is that it's a 48 minute game.  You've got play well for 48 when you're playing the better teams in the West.


Stack did well.  This is going to be a process.  The team palyed well when he was in there.  I was encouraged.