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Mavs Top Bucks: Postgame Quotes


Nice way to get that bad taste out of your mouth.

Yes, definitely.  Especially against Milwaukee.  You know what happened up there.  Tough game last night but we were able to turn it around tonight.

With Dirk struggling to put up numbers it was nice to see the offense still play well tonight.

You know everyone has Dirk's back on this team.  He's been leading this team for eleven seasons.  There are going to be games like this where he's not able to score like he wants to, but we all put him on our back and played our game.

Talk about your defensive intensity.  It seemed like when you went down 8 it picked up.

Coach reminded us the last time we played Milwaukee we went up like 8 or 10.  That was a nasty taste left in my mouth.  Everyone took that as a personal challenge not to do it again,  and guys came out and just kept fighting.

What has been the secret to playing well at home.

One, getting the fans behind us.  Two, paying attention to what coach wants us to do in the first half.  The first half is a big step to use to continue getting better in the second half.

You've got something coming up this Saturday?

Yes, the annual celebrity bowling tournament for the Josh Howard foundation.  To learn more you can go to

Tough times but you have to keep giving back right?

Yeah, you have to keep helping the children and families.  Anything.  I know it's a recession, but you have to keep going, keep spending.

That's our way to solve the economic crisis, just keep spending.  Right Josh?

Five year plan, that's all I'm saying.

Wait, did Howard just casually drop a reference to USSR economic policy?

Rick Carlisle

In the fourth they made a run and we got a little sloppy, but we were able to regroup and get  it back over 20.  That's what you've got to do.

Do you have guys you like to put out there that maybe have that nasty disposition?

Lately, Singleton has been one of the key guys for us -- energy, toughness.  Kidd is always a key energy guy.  Barea gives you energy.  I thought George tonight gave us a dose of energy and good play when he went in the game.  Bass has the capability to be an energy player.  Josh is too, but he's a starter so it's not like he's a guy you go to off the bench.  Some nights you have to fish around and find a group that can get it going or get the crowd juiced up or whatever.

JJ Barea

Nice way for you guys to bounce back.

Oh we've been good at that all year and we needed this win.  I thought we played a pretty good 48 minutes.

When you look at the bench play with Terry and Dirk struggling that has to feel good.

Yeah, Bass and Singleton.  I though everyone came off the bench and played a really good game.

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