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Sunday Roundup

I really wish Dirk's 44 point performance was the story this morning, but it's not -- at all.  Jason Terry broke the fouth metacarpal on his left (non-shooting) hand.  He's having it reexamined today, but for now there is no timetable for a return. Earlier this season, Carmelo Anthony broke the third metacarpal on his shooting hand and missed three weeks.  I have no idea if the injuries are really comparable though.

I also have no idea what to expect without Terry.  He never misses games.  He's played every game but one since the 06/07 season.  And he only missed that game because Avery was resting players before the postseason.  Dallas lost the game by the way, 89-104 against Utah.

We'll definitely be seeing more JJ Barea, and we have to hope he plays like he did last night.  Despite the Kidd love-fest on the Mavs postgame show, I thought Barea (20 points, 6 assists) was easily the Mavs second best player yesterday.  Who else will see more minutes?  Green?  Carroll?  George? *Gulp*, Stackhouse?  I don't know.  Carlisle probably doesn't know yet either.

Sefko says Kidd will have to step it up with Terry out, and blog favorite Gerald Green is always ready.

"They're making decisions, and I'm staying with it. I could be here complaining and moaning and griping every day. I choose to still smile. I don't want to do anything to jeopardize my future. I don't want to get a bad rep, saying I have a bad attitude. That's never been me. And I've always had problems [getting to play]."


Moore has a random article looking at players whose names keep coming up in trade rumors.


Dirk had 14 points in overtime, and until Ben Gordon hit a meaningless three at the buzzer so did the entire Bulls roster.

Check out this quote about Dirk from Joakim Noah.


This Day in Mavs History

1996 Jason Kidd had a 20-20 with 20 points and 25 assists. It was the 12th time a Mavs player had a 20-20, the only 20-20 with assists, and the only time Kidd had a 20-20 with Dallas. 25 assists is the most in team history. It was only time a Mavs player had 20+ assists and the 7th of 17 times Kidd had 15+ assists with Dallas.