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Monday Morning Links

Still no official timetable for Terry's return, but "several weeks" is the phrase being used.  Sefko has an article with quotes from Donnie Nelson on how Dallas will try to replace Terry's scoring.

"You can't replace Jet," Nelson said Sunday. "He's having the best season of his career. I don't know if there's any Band-Aid you can put on that. It's like trying to replace any of our other key guys.

"The bad news is obvious. But the silver lining is, it's probably our deepest position. And we've got Stack knocking on the door to come back."

Yep, Jerry Stackhouse is eying a return this Thursday against Boston.  According to Hubie Brown this is exactly what we've been missing!   And anyone else think Stack being healthy again at the same time minutes opened up for him is more than coincidence?

Jason Kidd says he won't be trying to score more with Terry out.

"It'll be different because he was one of my security blankets. him and Dirk," Kidd said, adding although he has confidence in Wright, Barea and Howard, everyone else also "has to pick up a little bit more" in Terry's absence.

"We've got to take better care of the ball, because Jet bails us out a lot of times with the triple."

Kidd said he would only become more of a scorer if the situation dictates it. He will remain more of a distributor unless the defenses back off of him so far that the jump shot is wide-open.


Over at, Mike Fisher has his Daily Donuts, and David Lord writes on the Phoenix/Portland trade rumors.


Art Garcia has an article for discussing the chances the Mavs might look to other teams for Terry replacement.

The Mavericks are looking at players that might be available. Some possibilities include John Salmons, Larry Hughes, Ben Gordon, Anthony Parker and Jason Kapono. Though Dallas general manager Donnie Nelson is surveying the landscape, he would prefer not have to deal for help.

"Given the fact that he'll be back in a matter of weeks, Jet's injury doesn't significantly alter our tact on the player-acquisition front. The solution must come from within our locker room."