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The Sunday Links

Sefko writes that Dallas usually win if they rebound and play defense...

For instance, when the Mavericks hold opponents below 45 percent shooting, they are 23-7.

Also, when opponents get 40 rebounds or fewer, the Mavericks are 20-3, including 15-0 when the Mavericks top 40. Rebounding is the icing on any good defensive stop.


Moore reminds us that Toronto and Dallas have to longest streaks in the NBA for games with a made three.

You may remember that Dallas would have the longest active streak except that Toronto hit a meaningless three to beat the buzzer of a game where they were getting blown out by Dallas.

It's a pretty stupid streak really.  The Mavs streak is only alive because Diop made a three at the end of a game a few years ago...

But I get the article, 3P's are important.


Mike Fisher has his pre Raptors game notes.


Jan Hubbard has an article on Jason Kidd nearing his 10,000th assist.