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Mavs Ease Past Raptors: Postgame Quotes

Congratulations Jason Kidd, and welcome back Jason Terry.

Jason Terry

How did it feel to be back out there?

It was great.  I was really excited, a little over anxious on a couple of my shots.  It felt good.  I thought my conditioning was the part I was worried about, but it was great.  I did a good job of staying in shape.  Even with the hand my legs still worked so I was able to run up and down the court.

Were you a little tentative at all, gun shy maybe?

Definitely not gun shy.  I'm going to get my shots up.  I thought it was more of just a timing matter with guys chasing me.  It's good to be in the gym shooting with no defense and you can get in rhythm, but you have to have guys chasing you in live action.  That's why I wanted to get come back a little earlier than expected.  Now I should have some rhythm and be ready to go tomorrow night.

Talk about the ovation you got.

Oh man, I almost came to tears but I had to snap out of it because JKidd was like "look we're calling your play right now".  I was excited but the fans have given great support for me throughout my whole career here in Dallas.  I wouldn't expect anything less from them tonight.

You got Jason Kidd's 10,001st assist.  That had to be cool.

Yeah, I told him before the game, "I'm back so you know you're going to have more than 10 assists tonight".  I didn't realize about the milestone but just a spectacular player and there's more to come from him.

James Singleton continues to impress.

The thing about James is he consistently comes to the gym and works on his game.  Even if he's not playing he never gets deterred.  His confidence level is high.  And he's a high energy player so when comes into the game he's getting loose balls, he's getting rebounds, and I know you like those highlight dunks because I do.  He's really given us a big lift off the bench.

Rick Carlisle

Erick Dampier played just seven minutes.

A lot of it's matchups.  They start with Bargnani and Bosh and he's got to guard Bosh which is tough for him.  So, we're trying to make it work but when the score goes south we've got other guys like Singleton and Bass who are quicker and they've got a better chance.  That's the beginning and end of it.  Damp has started every game this year and he's important part of the team, but there are times where it's not fair to him to have him out there.