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Mavs Sweep Blazers: Postgame Quotes

Wow, what a great game and win.  Two in a row at Phoenix and at Portland.  I have to admit I didn't see it coming.

Now that I'm no longer looking down down in the standings I'm looking up and seeing Dallas one game out of fourth place.  Fourth!  Crazy.  If they can't look at the standings and be motivated by that then there is no hope.

4) Utah 41-24 10.5
5) New Orleans 40-23 10.5
6) Portland 40-24 11
7) Denver 41-25 11
8) Dallas 40-25 11.5

Just two wins and I'm dreaming big again.  Hopefully that doesn't mean Dallas is about to lose three in a row...

Jason Terry

What did it mean to win this game tonight, in this atmosphere, and start the road trip 2-0?

God is good, man. Give him all the glory tonight.  We hadn't played well on the road in back-to-backs or in a regular game so we come out here tonight, they had won 12 in a row at home, and we were the team to end their streak.  This is a young team that's good, they're a playoff team, so this means a lot for us.  It means a lot for our confidence to go into Phoenix, then to go into Portland, and then to hopefully go into Golden State and get another one before we face the Lakers.  Huge for our confidence.

Was this just a guts game for you.

I don't know. I think we've been in tougher battles, but I thought when they challenged us we didn't back down, we stayed up and were ready for the challenge.  But we were in control of the game the entire night.  Give them credit, they hit some tremendous shots.  Especially Outlaw's drive to the basket, the three pointer and I think Dirk may have even gotten away with a foul there.

Rick Carlisle

We know that.  Every team we play knows that. Even the sub .500 teams we play know that because they have a chance to influence what goes in the seedings.  We approach every game with appropriate amount of respect for every opponent and try to put ourselves in a position to win.  It's not easy in the West no matter who you are playing.

Opposing Fan Comment of the Game (via FlyinSouth @ Blazer's Edge)

dirk is unstoppable

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