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Saturday Morning Roundup

Dreaded trap game last night and the Mavs fell right into it.  Dirk was not happy about it.

"Yeah, that's a sign of not a good team if you don't take of your business in these types of games," Nowitzki said. "If you're an up-and-down team, we don't deserve to be higher than the eighth seed."

And Coach Carlisle knows what our undoing was.

"Our undoing was our inability to finish off defensive possessions with defensive rebounds - 28 second-chance points is going to get you beat most nights on the road."


Nothing official on Devean George yet, but surgery is sounding like a real possibility.

"All of a sudden, we're thinner than we were," Carlisle said. "But we got Gerald and James Singleton who's played some [small forward] for us, so we're going to have to make it work. And [Jason] Kidd has played some [small forward] for us defensively."

If anything, it just makes Dallas want to bring J-5 back a little more quickly than it did before.  I really doubt this means Gerald Green is about to start seeing significant minutes.


Sefko writes a love letter to Stephen Jackson's toughness.


And there are a few Mark Cuban notes in the Weekend Dime.

But it wasn't Cuban's first such eruption of the season.

Team sources say he was actually a lot louder and angrier in January after the Mavs absorbed a 28-point road hammering from the Suns. Unlike this month, when his comments were dispatched via e-mail to the media, Cuban flew in to greet the team in Sacramento and personally deliver the threat about being shipped out for a lack of effort.