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The Monday Morning Roundup

So close, but not really close enough.  If we learned anything yesterday it's that a Lakers/Mavs first round matchup would be very entertaining -- and over in four or five games.

Jason Terry thinks Dallas would have a chance though.

"Knowing that, we like our chances. We match up pretty well with that team. If it's a team we've got to face down the line, we're confident it will be a knock-out series. We're the underdog. You've got nothing to lose anyway."

Sefko disagrees.


JA Adande says the Mavs are the Lakers perfect first round opponent.

He also says one of the differences between this years team and the one from two years ago is "the absence of a third scoring option in Jerry Stackhouse".....


And Mike Fisher points out that there were a lot of things to like from the way the Mavs played yesterday.